1. III
warn smb. warn one's friend (a careless driver, the children, etc.) предупреждать /предостерегать/ друга и т.д.
2. IV
warn smb. in some manner warn smb. gravely (solemnly, grimly, earnestly, subtly, etc.) серьезно и т.д. предупреждать /предостерегать/ кого-л.
3. VII
warn smb. to do smth. warn smb. to be on time (to stay away, to keep away from this dog, to lock the door, to be more punctual, to be careful, not to go there, not to skate on such thin ice, not to play with firearms, etc.) предупреждать кого-л., чтобы он пришел вовремя и т.д.; the doctor warned me not to overstrain my eyes доктор предупредил меня, чтобы я не перенапрягал зрение
4. XI
be warned you are warned, you have been warned вас предупредили; be warned by smth. you should be warned by the example этот пример должен послужить вам предостережением; be warned of smth. he was warned of danger (of the coming storm, of punishment, etc.) он был предупрежден об опасности и т.д.; be warned that... he was warned that his life was in danger (that this road was dangerous, that he would be punished if he tried to escape, etc.) его предупреждали, что его жизнь в опасности и т.д.; be warned against smb., smth. I was warned against him (against false friends, against pickpockets, etc.) меня предостерегали против него и т.д.; he was warned against drink его предупреждали /ему говорили/, что не надо пить
5. XXI1
warn smb. of smth. warn smb. of danger (of the consequences, of an intended visit, of a plot against smb., of the existence of smth., etc.) предупреждать кого-л. об опасности и т.д.; the signal warned us of the approaching train гудок предупредил нас о приближении поезда; warn smb. against smb., smth. warn smb. against that man (against thieves, against her wiles, etc.) предостерегать кого-л. против этого человека и т.д.; warn smb. to smth. warn smb. to silence предупредить кого-л. о необходимости молчать
warn smb. against doing smth. warn smb. against going there (against playing with firearms, against overstraining his eyes, against eating indigestible food, against trusting that man, against working too hard, etc.) предупредить кого-л., чтобы он туда не ходил и т.д.
warn smb. that... warn smb. that there is danger ahead (that there are pickpockets in the crowd, that it is not allowed, etc.) предупреждать кого-л. о том, что впереди [его ждет] опасность и т.д.; the whistle warned us that the ship was ready to sail свисток предупредил нас /послужил знаком/, что корабль готов к отплытию; the clouds warned us that a storm was coming тучи предвещали приближение бури

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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